For this Ironhack project, the company asked for a Health app where users can share their data insights with their professionals while having a dashboard where they could track, watch, and compare their data. We decided to design a Menstrual Cycle app.


With my background as Nutritionist specialized in menstrual cycles and with the help of Tineke the ambition was clear: create a Menstral Cycle app like no other. Not based in the stigma of the menstrual cycle or to avoid getting pregnant, but to understand this natural event in a woman’s body.


UX/UI and branding


UX/UI designer & Branding


Tineke Baan


How might we promote understanding and empowerment around menstrual cycles and women's health while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the app's tracking and forecasting features to meet users' expectations and provide valuable insights.


Through comprehensive research, we dived into the realm of menstrual cycle apps and conducted interviews and surveys to gain valuable insights. Our objective was to understand the existing landscape, user preferences, and areas for improvement. We discovered that while some apps felt overwhelming and lacked clarity in their user interface, others, like Cicla, welcomed users with a warm and inviting design.

Key findings

Our survey results further highlighted the importance of empowering women to learn about their bodies, with a significant percentage using the apps for birth control purposes and tracking their cycles. Many participants expressed a need for privacy and revealed that a considerable portion still relied on traditional pen and paper methods for tracking. Armed with these insights, we set out to create Cyclog.


While many existing apps focus on specific objectives like contraception or concealing periods, we recognized the need for an app that promotes understanding and empowerment around menstrual cycles and women's health. By addressing user concerns, such as overwhelming interfaces, lack of educational resources, and limited inclusivity, we aimed to provide a unique and valuable experience.

Through our research we could understand key points for Cyclog. These are some of the features we added and some key findings we discovered while testing.

Many users expressed the need for a menstrual cycle app that is easy to navigate and not overwhelming.

Users highlighted the desire to harness the emotional nuances of different cycle phases, not only their periods. Cyclog can incorporate features and insights that help users understand and make the most of their emotional states during different phases, promoting self-awareness, self-care, and emotional well-being.

By offering comprehensive and informative content, Cyclog can empower users to understand their bodies, navigate different cycle phases, and make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The survey results indicated that a significant percentage of participants were not comfortable with sharing private information. Ensuring strong privacy measures and offering options for users to maintain confidentiality within the app can build trust and cater to users' privacy concerns.

Test results

Our first iterations on the prototype were well received. Features such as notes to specify feelings and moods not covered by the app and the educational section for understanding your body were well received. The general user flow was intuitive and easy to follow by our testers.

Introducing Cyclog

Embrace Your Body's Natural Rhythms. Gain deep insights, personalized forecasts, and stigma-free support to understand and celebrate the beauty of your menstrual cycle.

Easily see all the Needed Info

Easily preview your week, log symptoms, access valuable insights, and comprehensive statistics on Cyclog's intuitive home screen.

Log Your Period and More

Effortlessly record your menstrual cycle, symptoms, and lifestyle. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Track and Stay Informed

Monitor your progress at a glance with checkboxes and stay informed about your menstrual phase with displayed information.

Personalized Insights for You

Unlock personalized information tailored to your unique phase as Cyclog recognizes your patterns and rhythms.

Personal Notes and Rating

Capture your experiences and thoughts with personal notes and easily rate your day with a 5-star feature for a quick glance.

Personalized Advice for You

Discover self-care tips and lifestyle adjustments, empower yourself with personalized advice for a happier and healthier cycle.

Energize for Ovulation

Embrace the vibrant green hue. Discover insights to enhance your energy levels and prepare for the ovulation period.

Fertility and Vitality in Blue

Immerse in the serene blue ambiance. Get essential information to optimize your chances of conception during this important stage.

Embrace the Purple Serenity

Experience the calming and introspective atmosphere of the pre-menstruation phase, represented by the soothing purple color.

Capture Your Lifestyle

Monitor and record your menstrual symptoms. Stay informed about your body and gain valuable insights into your well-being.

Capture Your Lifestyle

Log your lifestyle factors, such as exercise, diet, stress levels, and more, to understand how they may impact your menstrual cycle.

Record Your Measures

Track your body temperature and your flux. Gain a comprehensive view of your body's patterns for a personalized experience.

Effortless Cycle Tracking

Navigate your menstrual cycle effortlessly with Cyclog's intuitive calendar. Get a comprehensive overview of your cycle by simply tapping on any day. Easily track and view the days you have logged completely, allowing you to stay on top of your menstrual health with ease.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Gain valuable insights into your cycle and overall well-being with Cyclog's interactive calendar. Access detailed information, including your notes and insights for each day, empowering you to understand your body and make informed decisions. Whether you're planning, tracking, or seeking patterns, the calendar provides a convenient and holistic view of your menstrual journey.

Personalized Knowledge Hub

Explore a wealth of knowledge tailored to your needs in Cyclog's Insights section. Discover relevant articles and resources handpicked for you based on your menstrual cycle and overall well-being. Empower yourself with valuable information to make informed decisions and navigate your unique journey.

Bookmark and Explore

Stay organized and dive deeper into topics that interest you with Cyclog's bookmarking feature. Save articles, tips, and advice that resonate with you, creating a personalized library of information. Explore at your own pace and revisit saved content whenever you're ready to delve into new insights.

You can check the unique sections "Recommended for you," "The menstrual cycle," "Periods and daily life," "Pregnancy and fertility," "Embrace your body," "Feminine disease," "Social interaction and period," and "Advises."

Track and Analyze Your Progress

Visualize and analyze your menstrual trends with Cyclog's intuitive Statistics page. Dive into the highlights of your Mood, Pain, Temperature, and Rate data, presented in an easy-to-understand format. By observing patterns and fluctuations, you can gain a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle and make data-driven choices for a better lifestyle.

Customize and Analyze Your Menstrual Data

Take control of your menstrual data with Cyclog's customizable Statistics page. Effortlessly switch between the sections using a convenient slider for personalized insights. Explore your data in either a monthly or weekly view, empowering you to uncover trends and patterns in your menstrual cycle. Plus, easily access the Medical screen for a comprehensive overview of your health.

Collaborate for Personalized Care

Facilitate effective communication with your healthcare professional through Cyclog's Medical screen. Share your menstrual insights and relevant information securely and selectively. Choose what data you want to share, ensuring your privacy while still providing your healthcare provider with valuable insights into your menstrual health.

Seamless Communication with Healthcare Professionals

Additionally, real-time chat conversations enables a personalized approach to your care, ensuring that you receive tailored advice and insights to support your well-being. Engage in meaningful conversations with your professional through the built-in chat feature, allowing for personalized advice and tailored insights.

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