Twitch is a live streaming platform where creators engage with viewers in real time, sharing gaming, art, music, and more. Streamers build communities of like-minded viewers who connect and interact during the streams.


The ambition behind the A·Train project is to promote physical activity and combat sedentary behavior within the Twitch streaming community. It aims to integrate exercise seamlessly into the streaming experience, encouraging streamers and their viewers to engage in regular physical activity while enjoying their favorite content. Our goal is to create a healthier and more active streaming environment, fostering a sense of well-being and community among Twitch users.


UX/UI and branding


UX/UI designer




Unleashing the Power of Movement on Twitch: Overcoming the Sedentary Streamer Dilemma. How might we inspire streamers and their communities to break free from sedentary habits and integrate physical activity into their streaming experience?


By examining Twitch's sedentary nature and conducting interviews with streamers and active users, I gained valuable insights into the importance of community interactions and the potential for integrating exercise into the streaming routine.

  • Twitch users spend a significant amount of time in front of screens, leading to sedentary lifestyles.

  • Combining exercise with the Twitch streaming experience poses a challenge due to the interruption it may cause.

  • Interactions and the sense of community are key aspects of Twitch that users value.

  • A study involving 603 Twitch users revealed that entertainment is the primary reason for using Twitch, followed by socialization.

  • Users who spend more time on Twitch show a stronger preference for socialization.

  • Incorporating a sense of community and interaction into an exercise alarm could enhance the viewer-streamer bond and motivate physical activity.

  • A study involving 603 Twitch users revealed that entertainment is the primary reason for using Twitch, followed by socialization.

  • Users who spend more time on Twitch show a stronger preference for socialization.

  • Incorporating a sense of community and interaction into an exercise alarm could enhance the viewer-streamer bond and motivate physical activity.

  • The idea of a community challenge where streamers and viewers simultaneously engage in physical activities emerged as a promising concept.

  • The Hype Train feature in Twitch Events provides a precedent for incorporating interactive elements into the platform.

  • Understanding the distinction between exercise and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Training) is essential for considering energy consumption and health benefits.


With the rising popularity of live streaming and the growing interest in health and wellness, there is a clear gap for incorporating exercise into the streaming experience. By embracing this niche, streamers can cater to audience needs, foster a supportive community, and unlock new avenues for monetization and growth while improving their health.

I took some of Twitch’s most known feature and it inspired my A·Train alarm to not disrupt Twitch’s UI and make the experience as seamless as possible.

Since I was using Twitch’s UI, I aligned my feature with it. The “Hype Train” inspired my feature in functionality, in terms of visual design and workflow. With that in mind, I developed a mid-fidelity prototype. I then tested this prototype with users to validate our assumptions and hypotheses based on our previous research.

Hype Train

Hype Train is a super-sized celebration when community members unite to support a streamer they love. It challenges the community to reach epic levels of hype and rewards participants for keeping the train on track. A Hype Train will kick off when there’s a spike in support events (such as subscriptions, or use of Bits) from different viewers in a channel, based on a threshold set by each Streamer. This activates a countdown, during which all participants earn emote rewards for supporting the channel.

Test results

I tested with 5 users.

The mid-fi prototype garnered positive feedback and clear comprehension, especially from Twitch users, highlighting the seamless integration of Twitch's UI in the overall experience.

Introducing the A·Train alarm

Transforming Twitch Streams into Active Workouts: Introducing A·Train, the Exercise Alarm for Streamers and Communities

Get Ready: A 5-Minute Warning Before the A·Train Alarm Begins!

It provides a 5-minute warning before the exercise session begins. This gives the streamer and its community ample time to get ready, to gather energy, and set the stage for an engaging and active exercise time.

Feel the Excitement: Watch the exercise the streamer has chosen for the community to do!

As the 5-minute timer counts down, the streamer and community come together in anticipation. Messages of support flow, and everyone prepares for the exciting exercise session ahead.

Move with Precision: Mobile Phone Rotoscope Tracks Your Exercise Movement.

Move with Precision: Immerse yourself in a dynamic exercise experience as your mobile phone's roto-scope technology tracks your every movement. Seamlessly sync your physical activity with the A·Train alarm, ensuring accurate and engaging exercise sessions in your favorite streams.

Stay on Track: A·Train Alarm Triggers and Fills Levels as the Community Engages in Exercise.

The A·Train alarm triggers and fills the percentage as the community actively participates in exercise. By filling it, they will complete levels. Experience the power of collective engagement as each exercise session brings you closer to unlocking new levels of achievement and rewards.

Unlock Levels, Unlock Rewards: Achieve new heights and unlock exciting rewards together.

Once the first percentage is filled you will unlock a new level, providing new rewards and new heights of community collaboration.

Active participation in the exercises enhances fitness, increases NEAT levels, and improves overall well-being.

Enhance NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) levels - the calories burned through daily activities like walking, standing, and fidgeting - and cultivate a sense of well-being for a healthier and happier you.

Turning your phone and scape mode.

A·Train is a fitness app that optimizes its interface for landscape mode, providing users with an immersive and user-friendly experience while working out or tracking their fitness progress.

The A·Train adapts to the screen

A·Train utilizes adaptive design principles to ensure that the app seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes, offering a consistent and optimized user interface on various devices.

From Iconic Inspiration to Original Creation

Emulating Twitch's familiar icons, I took the initiative to design my own set of custom icons, carefully handcrafted to integrate harmoniously with the overall design system.

Designing the DNA of the Experience

Building a design system from scratch, we meticulously crafted every atom and molecule, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly with Twitch's iconic visual language.

Dark theme

Extending the immersive Twitch experience, I designed a dark theme for the A·Train alarm, seamlessly blending with Twitch's native dark aesthetic.

Colors adapt to match the dark theme

Colors Unleashed: Discover the beauty of the A·Train alarm's dark mode as vibrant hues blend seamlessly with Twitch's native aesthetic, elevating your exercise journey.

Earn your badges of excellence

When the A·Train comes to a stop, your achievements are recognized with unique badges. These digital accolades showcase your commitment and motivate you to strive for even greater fitness milestones.

A·Train participants can share their badges with the community

Show off your A·Train achievement! Share your badges with the community and celebrate your fitness milestones together.

Step 1: Open your account

Open your Twitch Home and tab on your profile picture to open your Account settings.

Step 2: Tab Stream Manager

For Stream settings, open your Stream Manager, that’s only available for creators.

Step 3: Open the settings

To open the stream settings, tab on the upper setting icon of your stream manager.

Step 4: A·Train events

To simplify the process, the A·Train configuration only shows two options.

Step 5: Choose your activity

In the A·Train Activity section you can personalize your preferred activity.

Step 6: set the time setting

In the Time Settings, you can set your exercise to activate every 1, 2, or 3 hours.

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