Autius is a Spanish driving school company that has multiple schools all over Spain and offers a service for users to get their driving license. You can study for the oficial exam in the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) and practice on driving lessons with your preferred teacher to pass the driving exam.


How might we create an easy and intuitive driving management mobile app for people that want to get their driving license in a fast and easy way? Our goal is to provide all the necessary pieces to simplify the process of getting all of Autius information and predefined level system in a simple and easy-to-use mobile app.


UX/UI and branding


UX/UI designer




Creating a seamless integration between study platform and class management while ensuring compliance with driving regulations and standards. Balancing user-centric design, streamlined processes, and personalized experiences presented a complex task.


Since Autius already had a web app running to use among their students, there was a starting point for improvement, while still maintaining the level system and inner logic of Autius.

Extensive secondary research highlighted the inefficiency and lack of personalization in the traditional driving school experience, leading to frustration among learners. Existing mobile apps in the market were found to offer limited functionality and failed to address specific user pain points.

User interviews further revealed difficulties in accessing comprehensive study materials, inflexibility in scheduling driving classes, and a lack of confidence in passing the driving exam. These findings underscored the need for a mobile app that seamlessly integrates study materials and class management, prioritizing a user-centric and personalized experience.

Key Findings

Further interviews revealed common challenges faced by learners in Autius current web-app, such as the need for dedicated study time and the importance of effective teaching methods. Convenience emerged as a recurring theme, with users expressing a desire for mobile applications (a lot of them being Gen Z) that offer easy access to learning materials and the ability to track progress. The flexibility of online learning, the option to choose driving instructors, and clear indicators of readiness for exams were also highlighted as important features. Trust and security in online payments were noted as essential factors for user confidence.


By addressing the challenges faced by learners, such as the need for dedicated study time, effective teaching methods, convenience, flexibility, and trust in online payments, Autius can capitalize on these opportunities to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience.

Transforming the Learner Experience:
Key Opportunities for Autius

Autius has identified several key opportunities to enhance the learner experience and address the pain points identified in user interviews and secondary research. By capitalizing on these opportunities, Autius can provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for aspiring drivers. The following areas offer significant potential for improvement:

  1. Dedicated Study Time and Effective Teaching Methods: Autius can explore innovative ways to support learners in their study efforts, providing comprehensive and engaging learning materials that facilitate effective knowledge acquisition.

  2. Convenience through Mobile Applications: By developing mobile applications, Autius can offer learners easy access to learning materials, practice tests, and progress tracking, enabling them to study anytime and anywhere conveniently.

  1. Flexibility in Learning: Autius can leverage the advantages of online learning, providing learners with flexible schedules and the ability to learn at their own pace. Offering a range of learning modules and resources can accommodate individual learning preferences.

  2. Personalized Instructor Selection: Autius can empower learners by allowing them to choose driving instructors based on their preferences, ratings, and reviews, ensuring a tailored learning experience that aligns with their needs.

  3. Trust and Security in Online Payments: Autius should prioritize building a secure and trustworthy payment system, offering various payment options and partnering with reputable payment processors to instill user confidence in online transactions.

    By strategically addressing these opportunities, Autius can revolutionize the process of obtaining a driver's license, empowering learners and providing a comprehensive and user-centric platform that enhances their chances of success.

Key Findings

A lot of back and forth with the company, the marketing team, and developers was needed. The majority of features I scoped to solve all of these user pain points were implemented. The most important one was translating their level system to something intuitive and gamified to increase user interaction and engagement so they can get their driving license as fast as possible.

Test Results

Based on the mid-fidelity usability testing conducted, the feedback from participants was generally positive. Users found the navigation and layout of Autius intuitive and user-friendly. They appreciated the clear progress indicators, which helped them track their advancement in the driving learning process. The interactive quizzes and practice tests were well-received, as they provided a gamified experience and allowed users to assess their knowledge effectively. However, some participants suggested minor improvements, such as enhancing the visibility of certain elements and adding more instructional content. Overall, the mid-fidelity usability testing confirmed the usability and effectiveness of Autius in supporting learners' journey towards obtaining a driving license.

UI & Branding

The focus is on enhancing Autius's visual identity and user interface design. Autius initially had a color palette and branding that didn't translate well into a digital product. Recognizing the need for a renewed and fresh look, I proposed a new set of colors, typography, and iconography. This new style tile aimed to align the brand's aesthetics with the digital platform's requirements. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed changes, I suggested conducting A/B testing, which would provide valuable insights into the branding and accessibility aspects of the new design.

Introducing Autius

With a user-centric approach, Autius offers a convenient and flexible learning experience, personalized instruction, and a seamless interface. Through its comprehensive features, including intuitive navigation, gamified progression, and secure online payments, Autius empowers learners to confidently navigate the journey towards obtaining their driving license.

Home Screen Overview

The central hub is where users can access a summary of important information and navigate various platform sections.

Theoretic Progress Overview

This screen provides a theoretical progress hub of the driving license journey for tracking, studying, and managing learning efficiently.

Practical Training Hub

This screen centralises essential features for your practices, such as purchasing packs, booking lessons, and requesting the final exam.

Autius’ onboarding

I had to design a good onboarding experience that set the foundation for a positive user journey. By providing clear instructions and guidance, this helps users understand how to navigate the platform and to familiarise users with key features and functionalities. Additionally, I minimised friction by streamlining the registration and setup process.

Engaging and Fun Copy

Autius incorporates easy-to-understand and entertaining copy that guides users through the process while keeping them motivated.

Flexible with Clear Indicators

Users can choose to skip the onboarding if they are already familiar with the app and includes clear progress indicators.

Minimising Info Overload

Only essential information required for the app. By avoiding overwhelming users, Autius to ensure a smoother transition into the platform.

Progressive Disclosure

This menu design ensures users navigating effortlessly while keeping the interface clutter-free and focused on essential content.

My Classes Overview

Users’ centralised view of their booked classes ensures all the needed details, easy access, and convenient organisation.

Shop for Learning Packs

The color-different, intuitive design aims to streamline the selection process, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Effortless Scheduling with Colorful Calendar

The calendar section in Autius introduces an intuitive and user-friendly system of colors, enhancing the booking experience for users. Green represents days that have available time slots for booking, providing users with the convenience of choosing their preferred dates. Orange signifies days that users have already booked, allowing for quick identification of confirmed appointments. Lastly, red indicates fully booked days with no available slots. Whether in the monthly or weekly view, this color system ensures a clear visual representation of availability and helps users efficiently navigate the calendar to manage their schedule effectively.

At-a-Glance Planning

The monthly calendar view offers a convenient overview, allowing users to quickly scan for available time slots and booked appointments.

In-Depth Exploration

The weekly/daily view provides users with a more detailed perspective of their schedule, adding teacher, the time, and starting point.

Seamless Class Booking

Users can view the name and picture of the teacher, along with the day, starting point, time of the class, and map showing the starting point.

Learning curve & Interactive On-Screen Assistance

To address the challenge of a steep learning curve, Autius introduces a floating button that grants users immediate access to contextual guidance and explanations. By tapping on this button, users can explore a set of informative tabs that provide detailed explanations and instructions for the features they encounter. This interactive on-screen assistance feature enhances the user experience, reduces confusion, and empowers users to navigate Autius with ease.

All-in-One Screen Insights

This feature provides all the necessary insights and information to understand the purpose of the screen the user is in.

Clear Step Overview

Inside the interactive on-screen assistance feature, users will find a series of tabs that offer a step-by-step guidance for each screen.

Accessible Info Presentation

With the user's learning curve in mind, information is presented in a user-friendly format, making it accessible and comprehensible to users.

Gamified Learning and Progression

The levels screen provides users with an engaging, gamified and interactive experience, allowing them to test their knowledge and track their progress. By completing quizzes and advancing through the levels, users can reinforce their understanding of driving theory and prepare themselves for the final exam. With this gamified system, learning becomes an enjoyable and motivating adventure.

Elevated Gamification

Inspired by Duolingo, the level section offers users a fun and engaging way to progress through different levels

Engaging Quizzes

Tests enhance experience by providing users with a top bar that showcases their progression and visual support in every question.

Track & Improve Your Results

It empowers users to track their progress, enabling them to identify areas where they may have struggled and strive for better results.

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