Hi! I'm Vince - A multidisciplinary
UX/UI Designer based in Ibiza, Spain.
I love mixing design, animations, and technology to transform complex ideas into exceptional digital experiences.

I have a background in Health&Nutrition as a teacher and Nutritionist for 4+ years with my own private nutrition space. Before that, I was a chef for three years in different kitchens around Spain.

Since I was a kid, technology, art, and people have attracted me. While studying Nutrition, I learned how to help people, solve complex problems and empathize. At the same time, I've always used design tools for my artistic projects. Now, these facets have been met under UX/UI Design. I love creative thinking and thinking out of the box to help people.

loved tools

Whether for designing gorgeous apps or websites, building cool animations, or creating powerful, insightful videos, these are the tools I love the most and the ones I intend to be proficient at.
After Effects
Final Cut