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Modern Penguin

For this project, we had to design a responsive editorial website. We created Modern Penguin, where our user persona can learn health and nature topics while discovering new hobbies.

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Project insights

Competitive Analysis

We did an extensive competitive analysis to identify opportunities and threats in the current magazine marketplace.

We compared Elaine's usual magazines plus three more competitors: Mega interesting, The Atlantic, and Self. This table shows 9 of 24 features we compared between these online magazines. As we can see, few magazines had the "Events" and "Support our mission" features. However, those are important features to consider for Elaine as she wants to be good to others. Also, we must consider introducing the "Podcasts" feature to our MVP if we're going to be competitive in the market, as many other magazines have already implemented this feature.

Competitive Analysis overview

User Persona

Let me introduce you to Elaine, our user persona. We can describe her as "The Eco-friendly Researcher." Her primary goals are to be more rational, discover new passions, and achieve a good work-life balance. She reads National Geographic, The New Yorker, and Broadly during her work breaks, usually at home.

How might we's

Considering Elaine's goals, we defined three How Might We's to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Streamer proto-persona

Problem & Hypothesis Statement

We understood the situation and ideated a plan with all the previous information. Determinate the problem, turn it into an opportunity, and hypothesize about a solution to test it later!

Streamer User Journey MapViewer User Journey Map

Moscow Method

The Moscow Method allowed us to categorize what features are a must and optional for our MVP.

Bearing Elaine's needs in mind. We decided to prioritize:

- Podcasts and webinars to help Elaine to think rationally.

- Volunteering experiences to make it easier for Elaine to discover new passions.

- Weekly newsletter with tips to help Elaine achieve a good work-life balance.

Problem Statement overview
Hypothesis Statement overview

Style Guide

This style tile contains the main UI elements to keep a consistent brand strategy. We included our Modern Penguin logo, colors, buttons, icons, imagery style, and text styles.

Style Guide assets


Learn about the latest news

Latest News, Health, Culture, Science and Environment; we built different sections depending on the subject for our persona to learn about everything she needs.


The Podcast and Experiences sections let you listen to interesting subjects and learn new hobbies through workshops, Volunteering, and Webinar events.

Structured information

You have several organized sub-sections in every Modern Penguin section to build a better navigation experience.

Modern Penguin different images
Modern Penguin different images
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