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Cyclog is a period tracker mobile app for women that lets you track your period easily and understand your body better.

What is cloud architecture?

Project insights

Competitive Analysis

We analyzed several cycle tracker apps on the market and their features to find were our opportunities are.

Competitive Analysis overview


By interviewing and doing a survey, we gathered more information on what our users need in a cycle tracker app.

User Persona

With the information we gathered, we built a User persona. Meet the 30 years Alex!

Streamer proto-persona

User Journey Map

Now, with our persona in mind, we created a day in Alex's life to understand where we could have opportunities to help Alex with our future app.

Streamer User Journey MapViewer User Journey Map

Problem Statement

With all the information we gathered so far, let's keep understanding what the problem is with the Problem Statement.

Hypothesis Statement

And turn it into an opportunity with the Hypothesis Statement, a hypothetic proposition to solve all Alex's problems.

Problem Statement overview
Hypothesis Statement overview

Style Guide

After comparing all the colors and typographies of the different apps in the market, we created our Style guide with the colors better matched Alex's needs!

Style Guide assets


Track your period

For this project, we had to create a Health app. Our team chose a menstrual cycle app for women. By interviewing several women, we understood we had to focus on the educational part and on improving the tracker.

Get personalized advice

Cyclops has a section with personalized advice according to your logged symptoms and how to improve them. Besides having a good forecast, learn how to prepare for it depending on the menstrual phase you are on.

Learn about your body

With Cyclops, you also have an educational tab with information about every phase and its interactions with your environment. It also provides a strong statistics page with all the information you need to analyze every process step.

All of this info is shareable with your health counselor!

Cyclog different images
Cyclog different images
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