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A-Train alarm

The A-Train alarm is a Twitch mobile feature that helps you exercise with your favorite streamers while watching them.

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Project insights

Competitive Analysis

For this feature, I compared the most known streaming platforms out there. All of them don't have a visible alarm that tells you how much time you spent on the platform. Also, they do not gamify the process or propose different movement activities.

Competitive Analysis overview


From the survey's answers and interviewees, I learned Twitch is mainly used for entertainment, followed by the desire for interaction, this last one growing considerably in the pandemic.

Proto Persona

I needed two personas: a viewer and a streamer. Meet Marta, the e-girl and David, the commited moderator. They both share a passion for Twitch. Their profiles represent the Twitch's two sides, making the platform possible as it is.

Streamer proto-persona

User Journey Map

These are the User Journey Maps for David and Marta. Streaming and watching Twitch are among their favorite activities; thus, they sit too much and have backache. That is what we are trying to solve!

Streamer User Journey MapViewer User Journey Map

Problem Statement

With the survey results and interviewing, I discovered a lot of people having backache on Twitch. With this feature, we should improve postural health by improving muscle health.

Hypothesis Statement

By doing small amounts of exercise, viewers and streamers should improve postural health, and it is a chance to interact differently and strengthen bonds.

Problem Statement overview
Hypothesis Statement overview

Style Guide

Analyzing Twitch's brand to build my A-Train feature was very entertaining. Twitch has a lot of fun and dedicated websites for this.

Style Guide assets


First stages

After working a bit on the lo-fi I quickly jumped into the mid-fi. I followed Twitch's UI and mimick my A-Train feature in it.

Fill it all the way up!

Streamers can set up the A-Train alarm for their whole stream. It allows viewers and streamers to exercise at the same time entertainingly.

The more viewers do the exercise, the more levels are filled up. Keep your audiences and your streamers active!

Earn prizes

Earn prizes according to the levels filled. The more you exercise, the more you earn. Unique badges and emojis await you!

A-Train different dark theme images
A-Train different light theme images
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